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Studio based / Quiz show
Pressure Relay
One team member of 10 has to guess what the rest of the team has drawn in only 15 seconds.
A spin off from 'Pressure Study'!
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Studio based / Quiz show
Pressure Study
10 contestants, 10 easy and hard questions from their school days, and a race against time to get to the final stage.

If ALL 10 member can keep on answering one given question each, they all will win a luxurious prize.

Can they handle the pressure passed on by their teammates?
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Studio based / Game Show
Party Games
Have a good idea for a party game? Or maybe youfve got a party planned and want some ideas for new games?@This program is about introducing new party games that require no special equipment and can be played for free.@And best of all, if a game you submit to the show is actually presented, youfll also have a chance to win up to $100.
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228ep. x approx. 22min.

© Fujiko-Pro, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Elementary school student Mitsuo Suwa gets a superhero Perman suit from an extra-terrestrial named Birdman and must now play the role of both fighter for justice and bumbling school boy.

Far across the galaxy lives Birdman, whose job is to preserve peace and justice. His first choice for a deputy on earth is an ordinary schoolboy named Mituso. So it is that Mitsuo is appointed Perman #1 and given a Perman mask and cape. He soon sets off to use these incredible powers in the pursuit of justice. But Mitsuo is still only a boy. So Birdmand next gives him a look-alike robot. With the robot minding his place at school or at home, he is free to fly off wherever he is needed.

7 episodes x 55 minutes
Summer, 2008
Punching Angel Ruri
Based on a popular comic series, Rei Kikukawa stars in a powerful action drama where she beats up the "bad guys" in order to protect the innocent!

Rei Kikukawa, Yuya Endo, Tsutomu Ikeda, Takeshi Masu, Shinnosuke Ikehata
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