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2000- (Season 13 started in October, 2014)
AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo (Season1-13)
"AIBOU" started in 2000 and has been the most popular police procedural Japan has seen in the past decade.

Detective Ukyo Sugishita confronts crime on the basis of his own convictions. He has a partner that works for him in the Special Task Unit.
Currently working with Ukyo is a young detective Toru Kai, who first appears in Season 11.
Toru is a son of Deputy Director-General of The National Police Agency. But he became a detective by his own effort.

Whele always retaining its entertainment value, the show cometimes delves into the way the police force is organized and the role of justice itself.
Cast: Yutaka Mizutani, Hiroki Narimiya

Suspense, Mystery
54min x 8ep, 69min x 1ep
Ango Ishikawa bounces back and forth between life and death after he gets shot in the head during an investigation. He miraculously recovers, but when he returns to work he realizes he has the ability to speak to the dead. They provide him with information unknown to others that leads him to the truth. He will deal with cases that fall in between life and death, justice and the law, compassion and cruelty.
Shun Oguri, Munetaka Aoki, Haru, Kenichi Endo

Detective / Crime
54min x 8ep, 69min x 1ep
Grill Room Investigation
Yuki Amami, Tetsushi Tanaka, Mokomichi Hayami
Yukiko Makabe was a senior officer of the Special Investigation Team, but was transferred to the Department of Grill Room Investigation. Since the department is specialized in conducting important investigations, only the best made it into the group. Surrounded by veteran investigators with unique personalities, Yukiko starts her new career. Her job will be to uncover the hidden truths by interrogating suspects that are far from ordinary.

141min x 1ep, 144min x 1ep
Miyamoto Musashi (SP Drama)
Miyamoto Musashi, the great swordsman, was there at the great battle of Sekigahara in 1600 where he was extremely impressed by the swordsmanship of Kojiro, who will become his eternal rival. Musashi survives the battle and goes back home, where he wins duel after duel.

He leaves his hometown and concentrates on his swordsmanship, and becomes stronger in mind and body. The drama portrays life-size Musashi while closing in on his inner mind.

The action scenes are truly awesome with use of wire actions and CG, and the last duel against Kojiro is definitely a must see climax scene, the ultimate highlight of the drama.
Takuya Kimura, Ikki Sawamura, Yoko Maki

Mystery, Comedy
60min x 8ep
Addicted to Mystery
Morio Ukai is an odd private investigator that tends to take cases involving martial affairs or missing mets instead of the lower-paying murder investigations. One day, he sees an ad for cheap office space and visits the building. There he meets Akemi Ninomiya, a young woman that looks nothing like a building owner. Ukai decides to move into Akemi's building because of the cheap rent. Little did he know that the owner had a passion for mystery. Once he moves his office into the building, Akemi starts tagging along on all of his investigatioins and causes him problems by coming up with far-flung theories.
Ayame Goriki, Hiroshi Tamaki

Detective, Mystery
ySeason1z 54min x 7ep
ySeason2z 54min x 5ep, 114min x 2ep
Fat Detective (Season1-2)
Taro, a local policeman stationed at a police box for 20 years has penetrating insight that caught the attention of Reiko, the chief of the investigation at Kyoto Prefectural Police. She promotes him to a detective. He is very sharp and his analytic mind excels him in his power of detection that enables him to pinpoint the culprit. But he is very fat, and that gives everyone the impression of his being "a jolly-good guy". Such first-site impression gives him advantage to cut directly into the heart of the matter and pursue the culprit from a unique viewpoint.
Hidehiko Ishizuka, Shunsuke Nakamura, Mari Hoshino, Atsuko Takahata

Detective, Crime
54min x 8ep, 65min x 1ep
TEAM: Tokyo MPD Special Task Force
Shingo Saku is an Investigation Officer at the MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) that knows how to read people and conflict situations. People call him the "Tactician", and investigatiors fear him. A special task force is organized after a murder. Saku starts things off by telling his investigators that they are nothing but pawns. He will stop at nothing to solve a case and will do anything for a lead, even if it means betraying victims and colleagues. Saku clashes with his colleagues often, but their goals are the same; to solve crimes. The investigators and Saku will need to find a way to work as a TEAM for the sake of justice!
Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Seiichi Tanabe, Takashi Tsukamoto

60min x 9ep
The Reaper: Shinigami-kun
A popular manga from the 1980's becomes a drama. Reapers pronounce the death of those that are scheduled to die. The Reaper No. 413 is new to the business. He appears in front of those about to die and says, "Congratulations! I am here to see you off." His job also includes the preventions of unscheduled deaths, like stopping people from committing suicide. But 413 is new to reaping and sometimes brings people back from the dead when he believes life is too precious.
Satoshi Ohno, Mirei Kiritani, Masaki Suda, Yutaka Matsushige

Detective / Crime
1 episode x 69 minutes (#1)
8 episodes x 54 minutes
Spring, 2013
It Takes Two
Two detectives, Shunsuke and Keiichi, are transferred to the newly formed Special Investigation Division of Shinjuku Police Station.

As members of this new division, the two investigate many kinds of cases.
Their personalities often clash, but their hate for crime love for justice is the same.
At times they will risk their lives and in the end, their cooperation will lead to another successful arrest.

Hideaki Ito / Kenji Sakaguchi / Yuki Uchida / Natsuna
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Cooking / Samurai / Time slip
ySeason1z 60min x 9ep
ySeason2z 60min x 7ep, 120min x 1ep
2013 - 2014
The Knife and the Sword (Season1-2)
Ken is a French chef from the present that somehow wakes up during the Sengoku Period. He also remembers nothing, other than how to cook. He happens to meet Nobunaga Oda, a famous warlord, and starts to work for him as a chef. Will Ken be able survive the Sengoku Period with just his cooking skills? Will he ever be able to remember his past?
Yuta Tamamori / Mitsuhiro Oikawa / Mirai Shida / Goro Inagaki

9 episodes x 60 minutes
Spring, 2013
The Weather Girl Knows
This is a new kind of mystery drama that relies on elements of weather.
Haruko Abe is is the meteorologist for a morning TV show. She hates things she cannot predict, like love.
The black cloak is an important part of her personal wardrobe.

One day, Haruko meets Gota, a rookie detective, and starts to use her meteorological background to help the police investigate crimes from a new perspective.

Emi Takei / Tadayoshi Okura / Nozomi Sasaki / Kuranosuke Sasaki
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All That News
An innovative Edutainment Show that gives audience easy access to global news! Using stunning visuals, the showfs charismatic anchor makes the most complicated issues easy to understand! On air since April 2010, it proved straight news can become a mega-hit show!

Family / Suspense
1 episode x 69 minutes (#1)
8 minutes x 54 minutes (#2-#9)
Winter, 2013
Mother Strikes Back
There has always been friction between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. But the balance of power has been shifting, from mother to daughter. This is a drama that tackles the new struggles between the two sides.

Hitomi Kuroki / Saki Aibu / Junichi Ishida / Tomohiro Kaku
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Studio based / Quiz Show
Absolute Taste
The sense of taste is on the edge! If the contestant can correctly answer all the 20 ingredients used in the dish, he/she wins the big prize money!
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Tennis / Comic book
"Ace", an all time favorite comic book that sold 15 million copies is finally dramatized! A positive success story of an ordinary high school girl who gradually discovers her hidden talent of tennis through severe trainings designed by her strict coach. Can she every become an "Ace" tennis player?

Aya Ueto@Yu Yoshizawa@Rio Matsumoto@Masaaki Uchino

Hiromi Oka (Aya Ueto) decides to join the high school tennis club from the moment she saw the star player Reika's(Rio Matsumoto) excellent and smashing play. However, once the tennis lesson began, Hiromi finds herself bored in the succession of simple practice swings. One day, Munakata (Masaaki Uchino) becomes appointed as the new head coach of the tennis team. His special training was nothing but original, extreme, and severe. In addition, he suddenly chose Hiromi, a tennis beginner, to be the member of the up coming tennis tournament Not only Hiromi, but also her teammates become confused and take the odd situation unfair. Jealousy of her friends and teammates mounted, and they started to talk behind her back. Finally, Hiromi decides to leave the team and run away from the uncomfortable reality, but the coach strongly refused. Instead, he gave her an even more severe and personalized training.

Human, Relationship
8 episodes x 54 minutes
Winter, 2010
Angel Bank
This story is written by Norifusa Mita, author of the hit manga series, gDragon Sakurah.

Kyoko Hasegawa, Katsuhisa Namase, Eiji Wentz, Tomoko Murakami
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Cooking Variety
Weekly show X 54 minutes
Starting from October 27, 2004
Apron of Love
Whofs the best cook? Whofs the worst cook? Rank celebrities by their cooking techniques! Several uninformed guest celebrities are suddenly asked to make certain dishes at the studio within a limited amount of time. See how creative people can be, or how awkward things can get, when it comes to cooking unfamiliar things!

Shigeru Jyojima of TOKIO@Emi Takeuchi@Yukio Hattori

Studio based / Cooking show
Apron of Love
Who can put together the best tasting dishes in the time allowed? The judges will critique the skills of each of the celeb cooks by tasting their finished dishes. But in many cases..... some celebs have no idea how to cook! A funny yet dangerous cooking show!
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Crime, Comedy
10 episodes x 55 minutes
Spring, 2008
Aren't You a Criminal?
Sakura dreams about writing a suspense novel, but instead toils from one odd job to the next. One fateful day she meets Officer Udagawa, who recognizes her talents and invites her to help him with some cases.

Shihori Kanjiya, Jyun Kaname, Tsutomu Ikeda, Ikkei Watanabe
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School, Comedy
9 episodes x 55 minutes
Spring, 2011
Asuka High School March !
Of the 148 new students at Asuka Kogyo High School, only 3 are girls! Am I the only girl in my class!?

Emi Takei, Tori Matsuzaka, Kento Kaku, Takashi Sasano, Miho Shiraishi

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Sports Manga
11 Episodes X 54 min
Attack No.1
What does it take to become the ultimate volleyball player? The smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time!

Aya Ueto@Ayana Sakai@Natsuki Kato@Ayaka Morita@Mao Miyaji@Shunsuke@Nakamura@Eichiro Funakoshi

A smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time! Kozue, a positive and cheerful high school girl devotes her entire energy toward her school volleyball team. Extremely severe practices designed by the strict head coach Inokuma, highly competitive matches against the toughest top players, friendships and rivalry among teammates with strong charactersc. Can Kozuefs genuine love toward volleyball make the impossible come true?