Who is Go-chan?

TV Asahi's mascot character

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Five times taller than a TV set.
Five times heavier than a TV set.
May 5
Vegetables, Hot chocolate
Favorite food
Good at all sports, Dancing
Special skill
Curious by nature, likes to cheer for others

What made him visit the earth?

Go-chan's new friends

Characters drawn from real rare animals with unique looks or special features

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Nosy Molly
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Master Tamarin
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Mr. Tibet
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Moffy movie
Angora rabbit Angora rabbit
Moffy Moffy
Hair length about 15cm
Weight about 3kg
Origin Turkey
The fluffy puffball-like creature is a rabbit originating from Angora region.
Their color variation ranges from white, brown, gray, black.
They are peaceful and patient, and they rarely move at all.
Kinkajou movie
Kinkajou Kinkajou
Kinka Kinka
Length about
40 to 60 cm
Weight about
2 to 4 kg
Origin Central
Kinkajou looks like a monkey but this somewhat strange and lovely creature is a kind of raccoon.
It has a looong tail and a looong tongue and loves fruits.
It is also known as a honey bear because it loves honey as well.
Honduran white bat movie
Honduran white bat Honduran white bat
Chitchats Chitchats
Length about 5 cm
Weight about 5 g
Origin Costa Rica
The Honduran white bat is the only white bat in the world.
It looks so cute that it is called "a fluff ball of a jungle." Many females huddle together and live in a group.
Shoebilly movie
Shoebill Shoebill
Shoebilly Shoebilly
Length about 120 to 145 cm
Weight about 5 kg
Origin Africa
A shoebill stays still most of the time and aims at its prey for a long time without a single move.
To digest food, a shoebill spends a few hours and 30% of the whole energy it consumes in a day.
It likes solitude and prefers to be left alone.
Nosy Molly
Nosy Molly movie
Star-nosed mole Star-nosed mole
Nosy Molly Nosy Molly
Length about 12 cm
Weight about 40 to 85 gram
Origin America
Its flower-like nose is a super sensitive touch organ, consisting of 22 bosses.
The nose substitutes the atrophied eyes and star-nosed mole can move more actively than common moles.
It has a big appetite.
Fairyette movie
Pink fairy armadillo Pink fairy armadillo
Fairyette Fairyette
Length about 10 cm
Weight about 0.1 kg
Origin Argentina
It is called Pink fairy armadillo, the smallest species of armadillo.
As its name of fairy shows, it is very difficult to find pink fairy armadillo and its biology is still unknown due to lack of information.
Platypus Platypus
Platty Platty
Length maximum about 60 cm
Weight about 1 to 3 kg
Origin Australia
Scholarly speaking, a platypus is a very rare species, having all the genes of mammal, bird and reptile and is called "a living fossil." Although it is a mammal, it bears eggs, which is a very rare case for mammals.
Maskey movie
White-faced saki White-faced saki
Maskey Maskey
Length about 35 cm
Weight about 2 kg
Origin Brazil
It is a sort of saki, a monkey with a very mysterious look.
A male has a white face with funny expression and a long and bushy tail.
It lives on trees and scarcely comes down to the ground.
Master Tamarin
Master Tamarin movie
Emperor Tamarin Emperor Tamarin
Master Tamarin Master Tamarin
Length about 25 cm (excluding its tail)
Weight about 300 to 400 grams
Origin Peru
Emperor Tamarin is a Cebidae, found in the tropical forests including the Amazon and it has peculiar long and white whiskers around its mouth.
It can move up trees vertically, using its sharp nails.
Mr. Tibet
Mr. Tibet movie
Tibetan sand fox Tibetan sand fox
Mr. Tibet Mr. Tibet
Length about 50 to 70 cm
Weight about 3 to 6 kg
Origin Highlands in Tibet
The Tibetan sand fox has a peculiar square face with a cool expression.
Just looking at its head, it looks strong to its enemies.
It was photographed for the first time in 2006.
Frog-P movie
Croaking Frog Croaking Frog
Frog-P Frog-P
Length about 5 cm
Origin South Africa
It is a round-shaped frog living in deserts and croaks chirpily in a peculiar and high-frequency voice.
It digs holes in the sand with its rear legs and lives underground.
Bird-of-Paradise Bird-of-Paradise
Parady Parady
Length about 24 cm
Origin New Guinea Island
It is a Paradisaeidae and when a male gets matured he has beautiful decorative feathers.
The variety of male courting dances during the breeding season is famous.
With its feathers spread, sometimes it looks like a face and sometimes it doesn't.
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