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TV Asahi Format gBeat the Championsh Regular Broadcast Starts in China!!

The format of our popular sports variety program, gBeat the Championsh was successfully exported to China and the Chinese version of the program started broadcasting nationwide on Zhejiang Satellite TV on Sunday, April 3, 2016. The title of the program is g吧I军(Come on! Champions).h It will be aired regularly at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday and 12 episodes will be aired in total.

gBeat the Championsh is a sports variety in which the members of a comedian duo, TUNNELS challenge top professional athletes of various sports following its own unique rules. Many world famous professional players including Kei Nishikori, James Rodriguez and Tiger Woods have appeared in the program. And since its start in 2000, it has become very popular among a wide range of generations as big New Year and summer specials.

In the Chinese version, a young actor, Jia Nailiang (贾T) and a Taiwanese actress, Ella Chen (‰Ê) who is also a member of a popular girls unit and a MC of TV programs will team up with other celebrities and challenge top athletes in various sports games. Based on the games which are used in the Japanese program, new ideas are developed to create innovative games in the Chinese version. Billiard, boxing and volleyball are new additions which havenft been adopted in the Japanese version. In the Chinese version they will take up different sporting event every week and the program will be aired regularly. In its first broadcast on April 3, they competed in volleyball games and members of the Chinese national team of womenfs volleyball who won the Asian Volleyball Championship in 2015 joined the program with their coach, Jenny Lang Ping. They enjoyed volleyball games in various forms against the celebrity team.

TV Asahi is actively promoting the sales of the program format of gBeat the Champions.h China is the second nation to air its overseas version following the USA where it was broadcasted last year.