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gDoctor-Xh all episodes aired in 2013 & 2014 launching onboard Japan Airlines International Flights!

Long awaited release of gDoctor Xh onboard has been realized!

Starting from this April 2015, gDoctor-Xh will be offered as an in-flight entertainment on Japan Airlines international flights!

Passengers will be able to enjoy every single episode aired in 2013 (9 episodes in all) from April to September 2015, and those aired in 2014 (11 episodes in all) from October 2015 to March 2016, at their seats equipped with personal monitor for in-flight entertainment.

@Passengers can enjoy the entire episodes at one go if they are on a long flight, or choose their favorite episodes on a shorter flight.

Either way, the passengers are now offered a pleasant and delightful flight with gDoctor-Xh onboard the plane!

@*This will not be available on some flight.