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Legendary Matches of New Japan Pro-Wrestling to be Aired across the U.S. in 2015!!

Starting from January 16th, 2015, AXS TV (US cable & satellite TV broadcaster) will launch a weekly program entitled gNew Japan Pro-Wrestlingh on Fridays featuring thirteen legendary matches of NJPW especially selected from their powerful matches of 2013 to 2014 that has been produced and aired by TV Asahi.

NJPW is one of the pinnacle promotions in the world with high caliber wrestlers offering the most exciting matches, which have been recognized by gWrestling Observer Newsletterh with the award of gthe Best Promoter of the Yearh for two consecutive years and Hiroshi Tanahashi, NJPWfs leading wrestler receiving gthe Best Wrestler of the Yearh for three consecutive years now.

It is going to be the first time for the NJPW matches to be aired weekly across the United States, and Mauro Ranallo and Josh Barnett will be the commentators of the matches giving additional excitements to the gem of NJPW matches. The 13 episodes of this English version of NJPW are offered as an International version to be distributed around the world, so please keep your eyes on it, the excitement could be yours wherever you may be!

gNew Japan Pro-Wrestlingh will be aired on AXS-TV, U.S.A. every Friday from 9:00pm EST and from 6:00pm AST.