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FY 2013 Average Audience Rating

FY 2013 Average Audience Rating
(April 1, 2013~March 30, 2014)

Prime-Time #1 (for 2 consecutive years)
The first time TV Asahi has achieved prime-time top for 2 consecutive fiscal years!

Prime-2 #1 (for 9 consecutive years)
2nd place in all-day and golden-time

The Second Half of 2013
(September 30, 2013~March 30, 2014)

Prime-Time #1 4 consecutive half-year periods!
Prime-2 #1 18 consecutive half-year periods!
2nd place in all-day and golden-time
Thank You!!

FY 2013 Average Audience Rating (April 1, 2013~March 30, 2014)
Prime-time 12.1% (1st place), Prime-2 7.8% (1st place), All-day 7.7% (2nd place), Golden-time 11.8% (2nd place)

FY 2013 2nd Second-half Year Average Audience Rating (September 30, 2013~March 30, 2014)
Prime-time 12.6% (1st place), Prime-2 7.7% (1st place), All-day 7.7% (2nd place), Golden-time 12.2% (2nd place)
ƒthe figures for prime-2 is based on research by TV Asahi„

In FY 2013, TV Asahi has achieved an average rating of 12.1% in prime-time (19:00 to 23:00), 7.8% in prime-2 (23:00 to 25:00, an audience rating slot set by TV Asahi), and achieved not only top place in average rating for the calendar year for two years in a row, but also achieved the first place in prime-time for the fiscal year for two consecutive years for the first time since the launch of the station,. For prime-2, we have achieved top place for nine consecutive years. We would like to thank all our viewers for having given your support to our programs.

In the fiscal year 2013, many of our drama series did very well including gAIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo Season 12h achieving the top audience rating as a drama series in the January-March quarter of 2014 and gDoctor X, Season 2h achieving another top rating in the October-December quarter of 2013. Also, the drama specials celebrating the 55th Anniversary of the launch of our station have received high evaluations from the viewers. The specials includes gA Housekeeperfs Curiosityh, gTaichi Yamada Drama Special: Time Doesnft Stand Stillh, and gSeicho Matsumotofs Two Consecutive Nights Specialh consisting of 2 dramas g300 Million Yen Robberyh and gBlack Gospelh.

As for news programs, gHodo Stationh has kept up its high audience ratings throughout the year and helped to push up the average audience rating of prime-time greatly. gSuper J Channelh also showed high ratings, and tied as the top for the fiscal year, which in turn had a positive influence on prime-time ratings as the show is aired just before prime-time.

Sports programs such as gFIFA World Cup Asian Qualifierh, gISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Seriesh, gProfessional Baseball Japan Series Rakuten Eagles vs. Yomiuri Giantsh achieved high audience ratings as well. Our variety shows, too, have contributed much to our audience ratings. The variety specials such as gSuper Gorgeous! One Night Only! A Dream Joint Appearance Special of Variety-MC Comedians!h and gLiving on a Desert Islandh did very well as well as regular variety shows such as gCream Quiz Miracle 9h and gLondon Heartsh which continued to gain steady audience ratings

TV Asahi Holdings Corporation will be inaugurated on April 1st and TV Asahi Group will complete its transition to a certified broadcasting holding company. We will thereby aim to be one of the top comprehensive contents companies in Japan by further integrating operations of the three broadcast media, terrestrial broadcasting, BS and CS with the terrestrial broadcasting as the core, and by aggressively taking on new types of entertainment contents utilizing our new venue g EXTHEATER ROPPONGIh. We consider the April 2014 program reshuffling as ga point of ignition for our further challenge and leap forwardh. The reshuffling consists of major renovation of daily weekday noon slots which is going to be the first time in 17 years, setting up a glarge scale late evening entertainment zoneh starting from 23 ofclock, and launching new variety shows and dramas on golden-time. We will continue our efforts to become TV stations of the viewersf choice by winning the hearts of the audiences.

TV Asahi will keep its spirit of a challenger and will make further steps forward to face new gchallengesh to get to the next stage. We would like to ask you for your continued support for TV Asahi.