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For years now , TV Asahi has been producing and selling such anime favorites as Doraemon, Shin chan, and Ninja Hattori. Our original anime characters help create a world of friendship and justice that has fascinated children and earned the trust and admiration of the whole family.
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Shin chan
Ninja Hattori
910ep. x approx.22min.
(New episodes in production)

© 1969 Fujiko-Pro, All Rights Reserved.
© 1979 SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved
One day, a round, blue, cat-style robot, appeared in front of Nobita. His name is DORAEMON and he was sent back to the past by Nobitafs great great grandson in order to prevent Nobita from making mistakes that will draw his descendent into poverty.

Of course, this is not a easy task, because Nobita is so unlucky, weak and lazy. He does, however, have a 4-dimensional pocket on his front, which contains all manner of gadgets from the 22nd Century, and it is with these gadgets that he will try to help Nobita get through various problems.

716ep. x approx. 22min.
(New episodes in production)

© 1990 USUI YOSHITO/ 1992-2016 SHIN-EI, TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved
Shin chan
Shin chan is every motherfs nightmare. He knows just what to say to turn his loving parents into angry. His poor teacher, once a starry-eyed young girl with dreams of having her own kids someday, is now considering getting her tubes tied. But, Shin chan doesnft mean to hurt anyone. His problem is thatc

Well you know that little voice you have inside your head? The one that speaks up and tells you gStop!h he has never heard that voice. Somehow he was born without it. And when youfre a feisty 5-year-old, things can get out of hand.

Ÿ 172ep. x approx. 21min. in SD
Ÿ 53ep. x approx. 21min.
(HD Re-mastered version)
Ÿ 52ep x approx. 21min.
(New episodes in production)

© FUJIKO FUJIO A, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Ninja Hattori
Trained in the feudal village of Iga, the young Ninja Hattori uses his ninja skills to protect his freeloading friend Kenichi from the perils that always seem to befall him.

One winter night when Ken-ichi was entranced by a samurai drama on television, he suddenly noticed that a boy wearing the clothing of the feudal civil war era had appeared by his side. His name was Kanzoh Hattori. He is not only a top class ninjya, but also a very sympathetic youth with a strong sense of righteousness. Soon they become good friends. And Hattori always tries to come to rescue his friends by using various samurai arts, when he sees a friend in trouble.

39ep. x approx. 24min.

© Fujiko-Pro, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved
21 Emon
21 Emon is the twenty first descendent of the owners of the old, run down hotel The Tsuzure Inn. Instead of carry on the family business, what 21 Emon really wants to do is pilot a rocket ship and explore space, which he manages with laughs and comedy in this science fiction adventure series.

21Emon, the 21st descendant of the Tsuzure Inn, dreamed of becoming an astronaut. While being strongly opposed by his parents, he tried to realize his dream and finally set out on his journey into outer space. However, his difficulties continue as he rides the rails in a 21st-century sort of way such as by hitching rides on rockets.

51ep. x approx. 25min.

© Fujiko-Pro, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved
Eri has been called to the planet Mahl by His Highness Prince Lululoff to become his princess. Chimpui the extraterrestrialfs mission: to bring her back to Mahl so she can become engaged to the prince.

One day, strange guests from the universe arrive in Erifs place. Their names are Chimpui and Wanderyu. Their aim was to invite Eri to their home planet to make her a princess! Eri is confused, so Chimpui and Wanderyu decide to remain by her side in order to convince her.

28ep. x approx. 24min.

© Mayumi Muroi, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Komachi is a little ghost who died during the Meiji Era and has hung around earth as a wandering spirit girl for over a hundred years. Komachi appears in the room of a young girl named Anko and the two get wrapped up in all sorts of adventures involving other ghosts and demons.

Komachi Ono is the ghost of a young girl who died about 100 years ago. She decides to make an empty house her own. One day, however, the house is sold and the Sugarhill family and their strong-willed daughter Anko show up. Komachi tries to frighten them away. Surprisingly, however, they decide to take her into their home and make her part of the family.

25ep. x approx. 25min.
©2012Yusuke KishiEKODANSHAEgShinsekai yorih Partners/All Rights Reserved.
From the New World
A grand tale across three volumes, of the fate of mankind after obtaining gGod's Powerh! Based on a Japanese Sci-Fi Award winning novel. The setting is the future, the protagonists, 5 young boys and girls. Their story starts when these 12 year olds begin school to learn gmagich, the power of telekinesis. Together, the five of them learn about mankind's bloodstained history, and begin their life-threatening adventure. When they reach 14, they find even harsher trails and shocking, heart-wrenching events lying in store for them. Then, on their 26th summer, an unexpected, unprecedented tragedy strikes mankindc?!

71ep. x approx. 25min.

© Ryuichi Yokoyama, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Little Fuku
Fuku-chan is an energetic little kindergartener surrounded by kind hearted people like his stubborn grandfather and freeloading friend Arakuma. Fuku-chanfs antics will remind you of your own childhood.

Decked out in a school cap, a Splash pattern kimono combined with an apron, and clogs on his feet, Fuku-chan produces laughter, not only in the house, but everywhere he goes.

119ep. x approx. 25min.

© Fujiko-Pro, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Mami the Psychic
Mami Sakura is a regular middle school student who one day discovers that she has psychic abilities. Mami learns about her own limitations while trying to help others with her special powers.

Except for her red hair which she inferited from her French grandmother, Mami Sakura was like any other junior high school girl until one day when she suddenly discovered that she had ESP. She determined to make use of it for the good of society and people. In the course of events she becomes involved in a number of incidents with all sorts of people, and each time she uses her extraordinary powers to solve many problems.

30ep. x approx. 24min.

©Mikio Igarashi / SQUARE ENIX, SHIN-EI Animation & TV Asahi
Manmaru The Ninja Penguin
A penguin and his forest friends are training to become the ultimate ninjas. An old man named Jiya brings a new recruit, a modest penguin named Manmaru, to join in on a 300-year battle between the three Ninja clans living in the mountains he owns. But the others, the cowardly Tsuenjiro (fox) and quick-tempered Tanutaro (racoon), are disappointed when they learn the newest trainee is nothing other than a polite, if not flaky penguin. And not just any penguin, but a penguin with dreams to become a professional soccer player! Will Manmaru be the one that helps bring an end to the 300-year battle?

164ep. x approx. 25min.

© Yoshinori Kobayashi, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/ Shogakukan/ TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Obo-chama is a vulgar little boy transferred to one of the most elite, upper class elementary schools around – Denenchofu Elementary. Much of Obo-chamafs gspecialh language and dirty jokes have even made their way into societyfs daily conversations.

Denenchofu, it is where the rich of the riches live in Japan. This is where the Denenchofu Elementary School stands. The story begins with a new boy coming to the school as a transfer student. He is no ordinary boy, but is the heir to the Obou Group or the multi-millionaire financial group. His name is OBOU CHAMA.

228ep. x approx. 22min.

© Fujiko-Pro, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Elementary school student Mitsuo Suwa gets a superhero Perman suit from an extra-terrestrial named Birdman and must now play the role of both fighter for justice and bumbling school boy.

Far across the galaxy lives Birdman, whose job is to preserve peace and justice. His first choice for a deputy on earth is an ordinary schoolboy named Mituso. So it is that Mitsuo is appointed Perman #1 and given a Perman mask and cape. He soon sets off to use these incredible powers in the pursuit of justice. But Mitsuo is still only a boy. So Birdmand next gives him a look-alike robot. With the robot minding his place at school or at home, he is free to fly off wherever he is needed.

153ep. x approx. 15min.

© FUJIKO FUJIO A, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved
Saru the ProGolfer
Saru perfected his golf game in the mountain wilderness with a driver he made from a piece of wood. Together with Mr. X, Saru challenges other professional golfers to golf gbattles.h

Saru is a wild boy with the skill of a genius who aims to become a professional golfer while improving his skills in golf as gambling. Mister S, keeps sending enticements, such as female golfers, because he wants to add Saru to his golfing organization. With the cooperation of his younger brothers Chu, Dai and Ko, and his own strength built up over the years, Saru stands up against his greatest rival, Dragon, a kung-fu fighter.

84ep. x approx. 22min.

©1980 FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ/ © SHIN-EI Animation & TV Asahi Corporation
The Monster Kid
Donft let the smile and the boyish charm fool you! The Prince of Monster Land, Monster Kid, is sent to the real world with a trio of servants: Wolf-man, Dracula, and Frankenstein. He came to the real world to prepare himself to become the next King of Monster Land. With his freakish power, faithful servants, and a human boy named Hiroshi, the Monster Kid faces a whole host of challenges and monsters during his training.

59 episodes x approx. 25 min

© Shinbo Nomura, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/ Shogakukan/ TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Tsuru Pika Hagemaru
Hagemaru Hageta and his family like to conserve on everything. Their incredible abilities to cut back, scrimp and pinch a penny cause a lot of comical commotion in this gag-filled anime.

The key word to this story is gstingyh! This is a story of a wonderfully gstingyh boy. A bright, powerful ten-year old hero, Hageta Hagemaru, he is such a tough boy who deals with everything in this gstingyh way.

38ep. x approx. 24min.

© FUJIKO FUJIO A, All Rights Reserved.
© SHIN-EI Animation/TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved.
Ultra B
Ultra B – or UB – is a super powered baby from outer space who, with his earthly sidekick Michio and the neighborhood babies, gets involved in all sorts of antics and mishaps that UB settles with his super powers.

Ultra B, an extraterrestrial looking like a human baby came to Earth in a cocoon-shaped UFO. A nine-year-old boy, Michio found him by chance and took him home. Soon he becomes like a father to his extraterrestrial friend. He brings out the supernatural powers of Ultra B, which are not fully developed, yet.

12ep. x approx. 25min.

© 2002 Norie YAMADAEDAIEI /PNDTK /TV Asahi, All Rights Reserved
Yume, the Magical Dreamer (a.k.a. SOMEDAY'S DREAMERS)
Yume is a 17-year old girl living in the countryside of Japan. The only thing unusual about this ordinary girl is her ability to use Magic!

On summer holidays, she comes to Tokyo to serve an apprenticeship for becoming an official Mage. There, she meets her mentor, the handsome but mysterious Mage, Oyamada. She learns about what ga Magefs most important attitudeh is, which has always been her quest for being a true Mage.