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Heartwarming Earth Family
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Heartwarming Earth Family

This documentary features Japanese families who decided to live in another country. They each have their own reasons to leave Japan, such as to pursue their dreams, to establish a new life, etc.

41 X 25min.

Hideyuki Nakayama (中山秀征)
Kumiko Okae (岡江久美子)

The program introduces how these people strengthen family ties and support one another through living in a foreign country. The cameras follow the daily lives of the family, and extends the audience to understand the reality of living overseas. Apart for the exciting and challenging image, it is not always easy to adapt oneself to a new environment.
Useful local information is also provided in the form of quizzes. This is an intellectual entertainment program filled with heartwarming love among family members and their smiles that are sure to make all the viewers happy.