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Sushi Prince
Action Comedy
8 Episodes ~ 55 minutes

Tsukasa is an ex-genius Sushi chef who is staying away from Sushi ever since he lost his father and grandfather in a fishing accident, and now studying Karate under his teacher Lilly Bruce (or Bruce Lilly). One day, Lilly tells him that only Sushi could help him improve his Karate skills. Can there be any relevance between Karate and Sushi?

Jyotei`The Empress Of Ginza`
Love and Relationship
10 Episodes ~ 54 minutes

A humble country girl Ayaka (Rosa Kato) is determined to leave her hometown for Ginza, the most fancy night area in Tokyo. Her goal to become a No.1 hostess was only one part of her intention, as she was secretly seeking for revenge on those wealthy and powerful people who once trampled the life of her and her mother.

Kikujiro & Saki@‚R
Family Relationship
11 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

A touching family drama that will remind viewers of the beauty and importance of ties that bond family. Based on the true story of the Kitano family, whose son "Beat" Takeshi, is now an extremely talented comedian, artist, and world-class movie director.

The Bad Dad
Family Relationship
8 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

Katsunori Takahashi performs as a bad dad who was nothing close to a "responsible" father. He loved to socialize outside and never cared to come home to his wife and three kids. But one day, by the sudden death of his wife, his life changed dramatically. Now, it was HIS turn to deal with "parenting" for the very first time.

Love and Relationship
9 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

A remake of the popular Korean drama series "Hotelier." The story is centered around the lives of people who work for and against the success of the 30 year old "Tokyo Ocean Hotel." After facing financial difficulties, the hotel must now struggle not only to survive day-to-day problems, but to also thwart the aggressive takeover attempt by a rival.

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Dear Students!
Friendship and Relationship
10 Episodes ~ 54 minutes

Students who do not trust teachers, teachers who give up faith in education, parents who blame schools for their children's misbehavior... Naoko was at a loss when she was assigned as a new high school teacher. Times have changed and students are no longer easy to control, but she chose not to look away. Instead, Naoko reaches out to try and discovery the various issues hidden in the modern education system.

Time Limit Investigator, Season2
Mystery Comedy
9 Episodes ~ 55 minutes

The award winning series returns! Followed by the great success of the first season that received the honorable ATP Awards TV Grand Prix in 2006, Kiriyama (Jo Odagiri) makes a clear come back. Driven by his ever more outrageous ideas, he makes daring speculations to track down criminals.

Oh! My Mother in Law!
Comedy and Relationship
9 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

When Kimiko reaches the age of thirty, she decides to settle down with her laid back boyfriend. Although she moves into an ocean front apartment hoping to enjoy a peaceful and modern lifestyle, her dreams are shattered upon her first visit to her in-law's house... In-laws who greatly valued tradition and believe in the importance of family conventions.

Evil People
Mystery and Relationship
8 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

The last installment of the Seicho Matsumoto Trilogy!@Ryoko Yonekura returns as an efficient nurse who gradually transforms into a silently vengeful, wicked, and angry lady after noticing the terrible betrayal of her true love.

Hitoshi Tadano, Season 3
Romantic Hero Drama
10 Episodes ~ 55 minutes
(#1 also available in 70 min)

Hitoshi Tadano makes a come back after the successful first series aired in 2003 and second series in 2005. Hitoshi is an incompetent and invisible Mr. Nobody at work, but as day turns into night, he transforms into a sexy, handsome, and intelligent savior! The big hit comic book, Hitoshi Tadano brings non-stop action from the pages straight to TV, again!

Canft Help Falling for Losers
Romantic Comedy
8 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

This drama is based on Mayumi Kuratafs popular comic book with a number of hilarious relationship stories between a beautiful girl and terrible men!

The Best Friend of Beautiful Anna
Romantic Comedy
10 Episodes ~ 55 minutes
What happens when a female best friend fantasizes that she is breaking the relationship of a couple by her beauty and charm?
Sports and romance/Comic Book

9 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

This drama is based on a popular comic book that takes place at a University regatta team.

Shimokita Sundays
Comedy and Relationship
9 Episodes ~ 54 minutes

This drama portraits the nostalgias of "the good old days" and youthful hopes and dreams. It is based on the story written by Ira Ishida and directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi from "TRICK".

Shine in the Dark
Love and Relationship
8 Episodes ~ 55 minutes

Kabukicho is the town located Shinjuku, Tokyo. There are so many hostess bars, host bars, love hotels, and night clubs, and it is also called gSleepless Townh.

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The Millionaire Detective Deluxe
Mystery and Humor

10 Episodes ~ 54 minutes
(#1 also available in 69 min)

What do you get when you mix a granddaughter from an extremely rich family with crime, murder, and a passion for law and justice? This is the second series of the Millionaire Detective. It becomes more gorgeous than ever !

Seven Female Lawyers
Mystery and Relationship
9 episodes ~ 54 minutes
A popular TV series returns to the small screen after 13 years! Seven female attorneys with amazing intelligence, beauty, and personality show incredible teamwork to rescue female clients who are hurt and shattered by heartless crimes. Their professional, sensitive, and delicate approach to the cases gives new insight to crimes that threaten women.
Sunny for Tomorrow
Horror and fantasy
11 episodes ~ 55 minutes
Welcome to the world of fantasy, mystery, and a hint of horror@that makes you feel warm and fuzzy
The Animal Trail
Mystery and Relationship
9 episodes ~ 54 min.
Animal Trail, a natural path made by traffic of wild animals, can sometimes be helpful for people who are totally lost in the wilderness. One day, a woman who is exhausted with her hopeless life unexpectedly meets a gentleman by chance. Out of genuine hope to escape from her misery, she allows her destiny to blindly follow the mysterious instruction given by this stranger. Would this gAnimal Trailh ultimately lead her to happiness, or would it lead her to disaster? A drama based on a best-hit novel by Seicho Matsumoto.
Time Limit Investigator
Mystery Comedy
9 episodes ~ 54 min.
The hero of this drama is a police officer whose responsibilities are to organize criminal documents that have met their statute of limitation. One day, he decides not only to use his professional working hours, but also his precious free time to investigate those unsolved crimes, surprisingly as his own hobby. Those criminals who thought youfve run away safe, beware!!
One Missed Call
10 episodes ~ 55 min.
This drama is based on a best-hit horror that turns attention to gdeath mailsh received by a universal and common tool, cell phones.@The story revolves around the old and distressed school tales with a twist of inexplicable urban legends that have been passed on over the years at a womenfs high school. One new death call received in every episodecwhile the mystery evolves in immense complexity and wonders.
Team Astro
Sports Comic book
This is the story of 9 ball players with baseball-shaped birthmarks, each with unique powers that complement each other. They are the chosen ones sent by Eiji Sawamura (the Japanese Cy Young) to form the ultimate baseball team for the ages. And their one goal: One Game, Full Throttle. Intense action mixed with comedy, guts, and drama. Available in All-Rights.
Haruka 17
Comic book
10 Episodes X 55 min
Based on the popular comic series (of the same name) that was first published in Kodanshafs manga magazine Morning in October of 2003. A story of a shy and serious university graduate who by coincidence finds herself acting as a 17 years old popular idol!
Can she survive in the highly competitive world of show business?
Attack No.1
Sports Manga
11 Episodes X 54 min

What does it take to become the ultimate volleyball player? The smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time!

After the Rains and Dreams
Horror and fantasy
10 Episodes X 55 min

What happens when an ordinary teenage daughter realizes that her loving father was merely a spiritual ghost? A horror story with a touch of love and fantasy. Originally written by the best selling novelist, Miri Ryu.

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The Millionaire Detective
Mystery and Humor
10 Episodes X 54 min

What do you get when you mix a granddaughter from an extremely rich family with crime, murder, and a passion for law and justice?

Hitoshi Tadano, the Extraordinary Undercover Detective
Romantic Hero Drama
1 episode X 2 hours
10 Episodes X 55 min

A comeback from the successful first series aired in 2003. This time again, Hitoshi, a dull and incapable gMr. Nobodyh at work turns into a sexy, handsome, and clever savior to fight the corruption of the society! More action, love, and dramatic cases await double-faced Hitoshi and the audience!

Black Leather Notebook
Love and Relationship
1episode X 69min,
6episodes X 54min.
Ginza is a night town filled with ambition and burning desirec How does a plain bank clerk embezzle an enormous amount of money and jump into the underground world? What is her ultimate goal? Her greatest weapon is a black leather-bound notebook.
Itsuki, the Mystery Folklorist
10 episodes X 55 min

Itsuki is an assistant at the Folklore Research Institute and is always caught in mysterious cases as he pursues his studies. Follow along as he tries to unlock these mysteries that are tangled with old beliefs and local customs using his keen professional intelligence.

MINAMI's Girlfriend
Fantasy Love Story
10 episodes X 54 min.
What would you do if you were suddenly only 16 cm tall? What would you do if your loved one was suddenly only 16 cm tall? A best selling sentimental love story is dramatized for the second time!
The Aaah Detective Agency
Romantic Comedy
10 episodes X 54 min.
A love for Sherlock Holmes, a passion for solving cases, and a bad habit of skimping on the details has upstart PI Tsumaki. gAaah Detective Agencyh delivers a seemingly comical yet serious investigation to solve the most unusual cases!
Till the battery runs out
Human Relationship
10 episodes X 54 min.
A new hospital teacher at a crossroads in her life discovers the real meaning and value of the human spirit through communicating with severely sick children. Based on gLifeh, a positive poem written by an innocent girl who suffered from serious diseases.
Midnight Ghost Tour
10 episodes X 54 min.
Ai is a tour bus guide gifted with powers to sense the spirits of the cursed and dead. One day she is assigned to guide the gMidnight Ghost Tourh, that takes tourists to various spiritual hotspots. What kinds of mysteries and secrets will she see?
And From That Day
2 hour drama special
1 episodes X 106 min.
Still two years until his retirement, Shiro Higaki is fired from his job. One month earlier, Shiro was given his notice, but couldn't bring himself to tell his family. Soon his personal belongings arrive at his house and he decides to finally tell his wife, Akiko, the truth.
Samurai drama
10 episodes X 54 min.
Justice isn't always fair to those that are above the law. So HOW do you punish those violators of justice? The Avengers at your service!
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Tennis / Comic book
"Ace", an all time favorite comic book that sold 15 million copies is finally dramatized! A positive success story of an ordinary high school girl who gradually discovers her hidden talent of tennis through severe trainings designed by her strict coach. Can she every become an "Ace" tennis player?
Abarenbo Shogun
Samurai Drama
Over 300 total episodes spanning 12 seasons!
Yoshimune, the Shogun of Edo (the ancient name for Tokyo), not only oversees his cabinet inside the Castle, but also disguises himself as one of the numerous lower-ranked samurai and sets out into the streets to help out the weak and to punish the villainous.
And Friendsc
Friendship & Relationship
1 episodes X 111 min.
A high school girl dwells on to adapt herself to the radical changing environment. As she tries to search herself through various relationships between her family, friends, boyfriend, and school, the drama reflects the true reality of modern Japanese society. Starring Kyoko Fukada.
China's Last Princess
History and love
1 episodes X 3 Hours,
1 episodes X 2.5 Hours
A spectacular love story of an extraordinary Japanese Queen who married the brother of the Chinese Last Emperor. A story is told through the eyes of the Japanese wife who struggled between war, history, and politics to pursue her truest love to her Chinese husband and her family. Don't miss the magnificent casting and breathtaking sets and costumes too!
Dear Tsugumi
Human relation drama
11 episodes X 54 min.
What happens if your loving daughter suddenly gets murdered? What if the case is filled with mystery and cannot be solved? This drama illustrates the honest human feelings and the struggling relationship within the couple and the outside word.
Don't Let Your Money Down
High school life story
10 episodes X 54 min.
The drama takes place at a nearly bankrupt private high school. A rivalry between a shrewd school chairman who tries to sell out the school for money and a tough accounting expert.
Extra Marital Love
Love and relationship
10 episodes X 54 min.
Can a married couple maintain their relationship while each of them have their own and gofficialh girlfriend and boyfriend? A bold and interesting test begins!
Freezing Point 2001
Family and relationship
10 episodes X 55 min.
A husband plans an ultimate revenge on his wife who was not faithful to him. Can people hurt others because they love them too deeply? Can people forget how to love others? An immortal masterpiece written by the late Ayako Miura.
Hachobori Seven
Samurai Drama
"The Hachobori Seven" is back for yet another season! Watch each story unfold as the seven samurai constables of Edo solve crimes and help keep the peace in the district of Hachobori.
Hitoshi Tadano, the Extraordinary Assistant Manager
Romantic Hero Drama
11 episodes X 55 min.
An incompetent and invisible gMr. Nobodyh at work, but turns into a sexy, handsome, and intelligent savior at night! A new type of super hero is here to stamp out social evil! Starting from July 4th, 2003!
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Just Between Us
Omnibus short story collection
10 episodes X 54 min.
Amazing and comical omnibus stories that all viewers can relate themselves to. We can almost hear gHey, this happened to me as well!h gIsn't this my story? Short stories which can be found in anyone's everyday life experience.
Kikujiro & Saki
Family Drama
10 episodes X 54 min.
A touching human drama that reminds the beauty and importance of ties and bonds of a family! Based on a true story of the Kitano family whose son, Takeshi, became an extremely talented comedian, artist, and world-class movie director.
Love comedy
10 episodes X 55min.
A comedy featuring three single women working hard in a big city and one love counselor who gives them glimpse of their true feelings toward love, marriage, relationship, and ultimate happiness. The game of gloveh begins with a gong!!
Love is Justice
Law firm and court
10 episodes X 55 min.
The heroin is not just an ordinary lawyer. She is the widow of an ex-YAKUZA gangster chief who knew what was happening in the grealh world. In each episode, she will challenge a different and complex case with her original investigation.
Middle-aged Detective
Family and Mystery
A unique and heartwarming drama of a mature gfatherh detective, his young gdaughterh detective, and an efficient rival gladyh detective, that by coincidence team up to solve various mysterious cases.
Minami's Girl
Fantasy & love
10 episodes X 54 min.
What if your sweet girlfriend turned into a tiny little size? A best selling fantasy love story is dramatized for the first time!
Murder, a Passion to Live
Crime & suspense
11 episodes X 55 min.
A crime suspense drama that depicts how a group of women, who have lost all hope in their lives, rediscover their joy and passion for life through revenge.
Nanako, the Amateur Doctor
Medical, Love Comedy
9 episodes X 54 min.
An encouraging and cheerful hospital comedy!@A positive success story of a a young lady trying all her best to become a truly reliable doctor!
Love comedy
10 episodes X 54 min.
Office workers strive courageously to find gbeautyh, in a bid to achieve happiness. Who cares about such a pathetic life if only they can be beautiful? They continue their fierce struggle to find love and beauty.
O.L.B.B. Part 2
Love comedy
11 episodes X 54 min.
The funny and encouraging love comedy is back! All about women who will do anything, such as undergoing plastic surgery, wearing unbelievably heavy makeups etc, to win a man's heart.
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Paradise Thirty
Friendship and relationship
10 episodes X 54 min.
The story of strange woman to woman relationships; the feelings of women who are about to turn thirty; and most of all a heart warming story about friendship.
Detective and friendship
Two unique outlaw police investigators try to solve mysterious and clueless cases with their very original and outrageous ways.
Social drama
12 episodes X 54 min.
An inspiring human drama that boldly captures gwhath is important for a mere individual to survive in a confusingly diversified time of age.
Saotome Typhoon
Love comedy
11 episodes X 55 min.
A relationship comedy between a group of lifesavers and their surrounding people at a summery beach resort!
Fantasy love story
10 episodes X 54 min.
This is a unique fantasy love story between a young pure hearted doctor (Kenichi) who unknowingly suffers a rare disease called gSATORARE" and a beautiful female doctor who tries to protect him from the cruel reality.
See you in Kowloon
Romantic Love Story
12 episodes X 55 min.
A drama that depicts an ordinary 30-year-old office worker who is drawn alternately to two men of exactly opposite type, and the twists and turns she goes through before finding true happiness.
Shopping Hero
Love Comedy
11episodes X 55 min.
A story of a shy and quite office worker who by chance became a gmasked demonstratorh in a TV shopping program. What happens when his longing lady fell in love with not the real him but the disguised self?
Fantasy & Mystery
10 episodes X 55 min.
gThe Gate of Rancorh is where people who had died of unexpected accidents or were murdered return to visit as spirits.@The victims who had suffered violent deaths are approached by Izuko, a beautiful gatekeeper, to make the ultimate choice.
skyhigh 2
Fantasy & Mystery
After the success of the first drama series and a feature film, "skyhigh" makes a come back with an even stronger appeal! Izuko, the beautiful gatekeeper of the "Gate of Rancor" again leads the wandering spirits to seek their ultimate path.
Heartwarming drama
11 episodes X 55 min.
This is a long-awaited TV drama based on a super-hit comic by the same name.@The story evolves around encounters between people and animals. Although serious, it has a subtle touch of humor that evokes warm laugher among the viewers.
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The Avengers
Samurai Drama
10 episodes X 54 min.
Justice isn't always fair to those that are above the law. So HOW do you punish those violators of justice? The Avengers at your service!
The Scent of Jealousy
Romantic love story
11 episodes X 55 min.
A drama that depicts the love of men and woman whose lives become intertwined because of jealousy.
Mystery and Comedy
Part I  : 10 episodes X 55 min.
Part II : 11 episodes X 55 min.
A beautiful female magician and a strange physician confront psychic mediums, magicians and people with preternatural powers.
Mystery and Comedy
10 episodes X 54 min.
A unique duo of a beautiful female magician and a strange physician are back! After two successful TV series, a record high DVD sales record in the newly released drama category, a smash hit theatrical movie, the best selling novelized book, etc., the show has made a come back to a weekly prime time slot.
What's Wrong with Money?
Love Comedy
11 episodes X 55min.
Money is my lover!
If you watch this drama, you'll save money and laugh at the same time!
This is a new love comedy filled with tips on how to become rich.
It is a completely new style of drama that offers great value for money.
Woman of the Crime Lab
Investigation & Mystery
Part1,2 : 9 episodes X 54min.
Part3,4 : 8 episodes X 54min.
A divorced woman agent at the crime laboratory of the Kyoto Prefecture Police Dept responds to tricky and technical crimes quickly and with scientific knowledge.
Originally from comic book
11 episodes X 55 min.
It is the birth of a surprisingly cool drama, in which our hero confronts his destiny as he seeks love and life in the complex web of human relations. You won't want to miss the rapidly unfolding story and exciting action scenes.
Your Hands are Whispering
Family and love story
5 ep X approx.110min.
1 ep X 144min.(#2001)
An award winning high quality drama! A love story featuring Hirofumi (played by Shinji Takeda) who is an ordinary young man, and Mieko (played by actress Miho Kanno) who has a congenital hearing disability.
You're Under Arrest
Police Comedy
9 episodes X 55 min.
A marvelous team-play comedy with beautiful and active policewomen! Original story comes from a best selling comic book.
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3 Bachelors
Love Comedy
11 episodes X 54 min.
See how the three not-so-cool guys are hilariously hung up with delusion of romance. Can they come up with the right tactics and strategy to eventually attract a charming woman? Here starts a funny competition toward true love. Originally from a best-selling comic book!