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Kikujiro & Saki
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Kikujiro & Saki
Family Drama

A touching human drama that reminds the beauty and importance of ties and bonds of a family! Based on a true story of the Kitano family whose son, Takeshi, became an extremely talented comedian, artist, and world-class movie director.

10 episodes X 54 min.

Takanori Jinnai (陣内孝則)
Sigeru Muroi   (室井滋)
Toshiki Kahshu  (賀集利樹)
Shunsuke Nishijima (西島秀俊)
Kotomi Kyono (京野ことみ)

Kikujiro, the father of the Kitano family, is a strict, short tempered, yet daringly comical old-fashioned type of person. Saki, the mother, is a positive, cheerful, and clever lady who always quarrels with her husband, but eventually support him at the end in whatever hardship there may be. This drama provides an opportunity for people to look back and remind how strong and rich family relationship was in those days when Japan was less affluent than now.