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Dear Tsugumi
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Dear Tsugumi
Human relation drama

What happens if your loving daughter suddenly gets murdered? What if the case is filled with mystery and cannot be solved? This drama illustrates the honest human feelings and the struggling relationship within the couple and the outside word.

11 Episodes X 54 minutes

Mayu Tsuruta (鶴田 真由)
Toru Nakamura  (仲村 トオル)
Tsutomu Yamazaki (山崎 努)
Ken Kaneko (金子 賢)

Yumi (played by Mayu Tsuruta) and Takashi (Toru Nakamura) have finally purchased their dream house and have moved to a new town with their daughter, Tsugumi. Although they are happy and full of hopes, a tragic event overtakes them. Tsugumi disappears. While they search desperately with the cooperation of Yoshimura, Tsugumi's dentist (Ken Kaneko), Tsugumi is found to have fallen down a cliff, and has been pronounced dead at the hospital. Yumi and Takashi can't believe her death was a mere accident. But even the police and media refuse to take their side. Takashi feels that the assailant is being protected and swears revenge. Through her heartwarming relations with detective Hikage (Tsutomu Yamazaki), and Ryoko (Tamao Sato),, a magazine reporter, Yumi tries to revive herself and her family. Through a tragedy that cannot be ignored, this drama questions the meaning of "family" and "life".