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And from that day
2 hour drama special

Still two years until his retirement, Shiro Higaki is fired from his job. One month earlier, Shiro was given his notice, but couldn’t bring himself to tell his family. Soon his personal belongings arrive at his house and he decides to finally tell his wife, Akiko, the truth.

1 episode X 106min.

Koshiro Matsumoto   (松本幸四郎)
Keiko Takeshita (竹下 景子)
Shinji Takeda (武田 真治)
Asaka Seto (瀬戸 朝香)

    As time passes, he begins to realize that things have changed around him. His wife has found an outlet for her creativity in flower crafts and is set to have an exhibition, his son Keiji is now working for a different company, and it appears as though his daughter Mai is having an affair. What happened to his family? Where did all the time go?
   But the biggest blow of all comes when he sees his wife laughing and enjoying her time with a craft store owner (when was the last time they had so much fun together?)… He soon finds that his wife has been considering filing for divorce.