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And Friend…
Friendship & Relationship

A high school girl dwells on to adapt herself to the radical changing environment. As she tries to search herself through various relationships between her family, friends, boyfriend, and school, the drama reflects the true reality of modern Japanese society. Starring Kyoko Fukada.

1 episode x 111 min.

Kyoko Fukada (深田恭子)
Tomokazu Miura (三浦友和)
Yosuke Kubozuka (窪塚洋介)

A story of a high school girl, starred by Kyoko Fukada, the hottest and most attractive young actress, and her best friend who shares the opposite personality. Although they argue, disagree and fight all the time due to their differences, they can’t help to support one another to solve and rescue her friend who suffers the relationship with their family and boyfriend. The drama illustrates the young and pure spirit to pursue a beautiful dream.