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After the Rains and Dreams
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After the Rains and Dreams
Horror and fantasy

What happens when an ordinary teenage daughter realizes that her loving father was merely a spiritual ghost? A horror story with a touch of love and fantasy. Originally written by the best selling novelist, Miri Ryu.

10 Episodes X 55 min

Tomoka Kurokawa (黒川智花)
Kazuki Sawamura (沢村一樹)
Tae Kimura (木村多江)
Mokomichi Hayami (速水もこみち)
Jun Miho (美保純)
Brother Tom (ブラザートム)

Ame is in Junior high and lives with her father, who is a butterfly collector in search of the Troides Magellunus. One fateful day, he decided to take a trip to Taiwan in hopes of catching the elusive specimen. Unfortunately, something goes wrong…. and Ame is left with only memories of Father… Memories that seem to have allowed him to return… as a spirit guide for Ame.