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Abarenbo Shogun
Samurai Drama

2002 Season - 10 episodes x 54 minutes
2001 Season - 19 episodes x 54 minutes
2000 Season - 25 episodes x 54 minutes
Over 300 total episodes spanning 12 seasons!

Yoshimune, the Shogun of Edo (the ancient name for Tokyo), not only oversees his cabinet inside the Castle, but also disguises himself as one of the numerous lower-ranked samurai and sets out into the streets to help out the weak and to punish the villainous.

Ken Matsudaira (松平 健)
Tamura Ryo (田村 亮)
Yuki Matsumura (松村 雄基)
Yoko Ishino (いしの ようこ)

The early 18th century was a time of peace in Japan, due largely to the long-lasting regime of the Tokugawa Shogunate. People were beginning to indulge themselves in wasteful spending and lavish lifestyles, bribery was rampant, and people's morals were deteriorating. Tokugawa Yoshimune, a young lord from Kishu in western Japan, was chosen to become the 8th Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The fifth lord of the Kishu clan, one of Tokugawa's shinpan (related houses), Yoshimune became the star hope for numerous vassals of the Shogun.  He was said to be an illegitimate son of the lord of the Kii clan (presently Wakayama prefecture) and a woman of extremely lowly rank. Because of his background, some were opposed to his becoming Shogun. Once assuming the post, however, Yoshimune introduced one new policy after another, earning him the lasting reputation as a wise ruler.