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Attack No.1
Sports Manga
What does it take to become the ultimate volleyball player? The smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time!
After the Rains and Dreams
Horror and fantasy
What happens when a loving daughter happily lives with her father without realizing that he was merely a spiritual ghost? A horror story by a best selling novelist Miri Ryu makes a debut on TV with a touch of love and fantasy.
Abarenbo Shogun
Samurai Drama
Yoshimune, the Shogun of Edo (the ancient name for Tokyo), not only oversees his cabinet inside the Castle, but also disguises himself as one of the numerous lower-ranked samurai and sets out into the streets to help out the weak and to punish the villainous.
And Friends…
Friendship & Relationship
A high school girl dwells on to adapt herself to the radical changing environment. As she tries to search herself through various relationships between her family, friends, boyfriend, and school, the drama reflects the true reality of modern Japanese society. Starring Kyoko Fukada.
Tennis / Comic book
"Ace", an all time favorite comic book that sold 15 million copies is finally dramatized! A positive success story of an ordinary high school girl who gradually discovers her hidden talent of tennis through severe trainings designed by her strict coach. Can she every become an "Ace" tennis player?
And from that day
2 hour drama special
Still two years until his retirement, Shiro Higaki is fired from his job. One month earlier, Shiro was given his notice, but couldn’t bring himself to tell his family. Soon his personal belongings arrive at his house and he decides to finally tell his wife, Akiko, the truth.
Apron of Love
Cooking Variety

Who’s the best cook? Who’s the worst cook? Rank celebrities by their cooking techniques! Several uninformed guest celebrities are suddenly asked to make certain dishes at the studio within a limited amount of time. See how creative people can be, or how awkward things can get, when it comes to cooking unfamiliar things!

Samurai drama
Justice isn’t always fair to those that are above the law.
So HOW do you punish those violators of justice?
The Avengers at your service!
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